Real estate in Sochi


И = 40,98 руб. $ = 30,92 руб.

The mortgage is a long-term credit which is given on the security of object of the real estate. As an object of the mortgage can act both the bought real estate, and already available in the property. Development of the mortgage in Russia every year collects the greater and greater turns. First of all hypothecary programs of banks are directed on creation of conditions of crediting of the population, through the mechanism of attraction of long-term financial assets to housing sphere.

The mortgage has started to develop in Sochi together with increase in investment appeal of Sochi as a city-resort. Practically all the biggest banks of Russia at present offer set of various programs in sphere of the mortgage and crediting.

The hypothecary credit enables purchases of objects of the real estate, not paying full cost of habitation but only its part and is the most favourable offer at the decision of housing problems. Simultaneously hypothecary credit is one of the best means of an investment of investments, therefore as:
  • In rather short terms you become the proprietor of habitation;
  • The size of monthly payments does not change during all term of payment of the credit even if cost of an apartment will change in greater side;
  • Percents under the credit are practically comparable to a monthly rent of an another's apartment;
  • Favourable investment of means, in connection with an annual rise of a price of the real estate for 15-30 percents.
The mortgage develops in Sochi, and develops very fast rates because it is favourable, quick and accessible. The company "SONED" cooperates with the basic biggest banks representing credit and hypothecary programs in the market of the real estate of Sochi. Experts of the company will help you not only to pick up the object of the real estate according to your inquiries and wishes, but also will give the consultation at the choice of bank and the hypothecary program.

History of mortagege