Real estate in Sochi


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Seaport Location: Geographical coordinates of Sochi: 43∞, 50 ' north latitude and 39∞, 40 ' eastern length. - these are the most northern subtropics in the world. Palms, eucalyptuses, magnolia, cypresses, bananas, bamboos - common for Sochi streets plants.

Sochi - one of the longest cities of the world, which total length along the Black sea coast is 145 km (beach strip - 118 km). It is located on one latitude, for example,
with the desert of Gobi and the Canadian city of Toronto.

Climate - unique, mountain-sea: here is the most northern in the world, moist subtropics on the coast are nearby with subalpine nature of the summits of main Caucasian ridge. The middle temperature in the warm period (April- November) on the coast - near +20C', in the hottest months (July, August) - near 28C'. the holiday season lasts 6-7 months (since May until October). In the cold period the middle temperature comprises about 7C' of heat.

More than 90% of territory of Sochi compose mountains and foothills of the West Caucasus. The city completely enters into the composition of State natural national park, and the part of the city - into the composition of Caucasian State biospheric preserve. The resort atmosphere of Sochi gives an opportunity to conduct here of international festivals, competitions, fairs, sport competitions. Many of them have already became traditional - these are the yearly film festival "Kinotavr", festivals of KVN, festival "Sea of beer in Sochi".

Sights of the resort:
  • Dolfinarium
  • Aquapark "Dolphin"
  • Aquapark "Mayak"
  • Aquapark "Amphibius"
  • Park "Dendrarium"
  • Park "Riviera"
  • Relict yew-tree -Samshitovaya grove
  • Mountain Akhun
  • Agura gorge and Agura waterfalls
  • Orekhov waterfalls
  • Vorontsovskie caves
  • Stalin's dacha
  • Dolmens
  • "Tea houses" in the resort Dagomys
  • Monkey farm
  • Trout farm
  • Ostrich farm
  • Mountain-skiing health resort Krasnaya Polyana


Sochi acquired its reputation and popularity as the balneoclimatic health resort, located in the region of hydrogen sulfide Matsesta's mineral sources. Sochi has more than 50 years experience of peloidolecheniya (mud cure) on the base of the richest in the south of Russia layer of slimy deposits.

Sochi region is rich also in different drinkable sources:
  • carbonate mineral sources of Krasnaya Polyana
  • enriched by boron Pslukhskie sources (analog is Borzhomi)
  • mineral water of Chvizhepse
  • mineral sources in the valley of Achipse (analog is Essentuky)
  • fluoric mineral sources of Plastunskaya layer
  • Lazarevskaya mineral water.

    All these are widely used during the treatment of the following diseases:
  • cardiovascular system
  • organs of the blood circulation
  • central and peripheral nervous systems
  • supporting-motor apparatus
  • diseases of the skin
  • gynaecological diseases
  • neuroendocrine disorders.

    We hope that the unique climate of the Black Sea coast with its warm sea, hot sun and medicinal sources will help you to strengthen your health and have a best rest!

    Mountain range Aibga (3200 m) Krasnaya Polyana - unique mountain-skiing health resort of Russia, which combines in itself the proximity of Black sea and splendid summits of the main Caucasian ridge with a height of 3200 meters.
    Evergreen forest, alpine rivers and lakes with iridescent trout, waterfalls and narzan sources give to this place extraordinary beauty. This is the only mountain-skiing health resort in the world, that is located so close to the sea and the airport (40 km).

    Location: Krasnaya Polyana (70 km from the center of Sochi), at the height of 550 meters above sea level.

    Time in a way:
    from airport of Adler - 40 min.;
    from railway station of Adler - 50 min.;
    Alpine bar (1144 m) from the centre of Sochi - 1 hour and 15 min.

    Transport: voyaging buses (each hour), taxi.

    Climate: soft mountain-sea.
    Winter here is snowy and solar. In the clear weather it is possible to assume solar baths directly on the slopes of mountains. The temperature of air in the winter period varies: at night from -5 to -12C; in the daytime from 0 to +5C. Steady snow cover on the slopes of mountains is formed from the second-half of December and is held to the beginning of June, height on the average reaches from 2 to 8 meters. In summer, in the hottest days the temperature of air in the daytime does not exceed 32-35 degrees. The level of humidity here is considerably lower than on the coast of Sochi.

    Nature in these places subalpine; therefore Krasnaya Polyana rightfully calls "Russian Switzerland". The natural merits of this region contribute to the creation of the best Russian mountain health resort with mountain-skiing complexes and hotels, which answer to all International standards.

    Today Krasnaya Polyana - is swiftly developing mountain-skiing health resort, which has recently the increasing popularity: during the season the health resort attend thousands of tourists from entire Russia, and also countries of abroad. It is worthwhile to note that in Krasnaya Polyana the President RF yearly arrives to rest; very recently health resort visited such known persons as Silvio Berlusconi, Jacques Chirac and George Bush (elder).

    The diverse relief of splendid Alpine circuses and forest slopes, abundance of snow give the possibility to accomplish exquisite descents along the new slopes. Rolling occurs along openings of one of the central ridges of Aibga mountain, which is the enormous five-domed crest, which was lengthened by several kilometers from the north to the south and consisting of five large watersheds.