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Name of the house Inhabited complex «Ideal House» (¹145)Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Inhabited complex  «Ideal House»

Location Sochi, Khostinsky district
Address Kurortny Prospect 92/5
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Storey 16-22
Quantity of sections 3
Quantity of apartments 290
Metric area Îò 65.50 to 297.00 sq.m
Price Îò 100.000 to 195.000 rub. for sq.m
Conditions of payment Installment:
1. The initial payment makes 30 % from the sum (without %) within 1 month, payment of the rest after 1 month with %.
2. The standard installment is given for 3 months with paying 2% a month.

We offer you special prices of apartments, advanced on second sale:

Type Metric area
special offer
rub. for sq.m

special offer
rub. for apartment
òÄ 88,0 1/ 17 130 000 11 616 000
òÀ 66,4 3/ 5 97 000 6 440 800
òÀ 65,5 3/ 10 115 000 7 532 500
òÁ 125,9 3/ 13 110 000 13 849 000
òÅ 231,5 1/ 19 110 000 25 465 000
Furnish of apartments «Unfurnished»
Ceilings 3.10 m
Garage/parking 3-level parking for 294 car places
Lift 3 silent high-speed lifts Sigma for each section
Safety Fenced and protected territory
Distance from the sea 300.00 m
Term of delivery It is put into operation
Description The elite inhabited complex is in a picturesque place on the Southwest slope of mountain Bytkha.
The house is designed by a workshop of known architect V.M.Ginzburg.
One of last most known projects of a workshop can be named an elite Moscow inhabited complex "Grubber-house" on New Arbat.

The inhabited complex belongs to a category of the elite real estate and is a part of club system. The real estate - the habitation, and a new way of life is not simple. The system of club enables you to use its services 24-hour per day.

The house of galary sectional type is designed in a view of climatic features of southern city. From the windows of each apartments, since the ground floors of a building, opens a panoramic view on the sea.

Structurally the house represents a monolithic-brick building of a variable stireys under the individual project, with adjoining well arranged territory and the underground parking opened and closed pools, the developed infrastructure.

Environment of object: the inhabited complex is adjoined with the famous health resorts of the Black Sea coast (sanatorium with the name of Voroshilov and sanatorium " Metallurgist ") which have:
- Balnearies;
- Pools (with sea water);
- The center of manipulation;
- Picturesque medical places;
- Medical beaches with the equipped penumbral canopies.

Within a day the special bus will deliver the persons to the nearest well arranged beach.

Also in immediate proximity from an inhabited complex are: city yachts-clubs, the Sochi stadium, world famous park "Dendrarium" and unique grove with relic wood, a funicular.

Lay-out: In this house all apartments specific, i.e. from each apartment will open a direct view on the sea.

In the complex there are apartments of several types - from 66,5 up to 297,5 sq.m:
- Studios;
- 1, 2 and 3-roomed apartments with height of ceilings 3 m;
- One of the features of the project are exclusive lay-out and the volumetric decision 1 and half-level apartments having the increased area of glazing and height of ceilings of 4,5 m;
- In the complex two-level penthouses also are presented with big terraces (217 sq.m) and private pools.

According to the area which interests you, we can offer you the most suitable variants, for example:
- Studios from 66,1 sq.m to 75,8 sq.m;
- Single apartments from 86,65 sq.m to 146,36 sq.m;
- Two-roomed apartments from 166,43 sq.m to 167,2 sq.m;
- Apartments of 1 and half-level 1-roomed are located on the top floors, with total area: 74,4 sq.m to 268,4 sq.m;
- And also penthouses with total areas of 447,73 sq.m and 553,99 sq.m.

In all apartments, the area of verandahs makes not less than 12-14 sq.m also there is stipulated the opportunity of re-planning.

On the ground floor of a complex there is a Wellness center with total area more than 500 sq.m and restaurant.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure of an inhabited complex according to the club concept includes:
- The protected fenced territory;
- Underground parking;
- The open pool;
- Restaurant with the open terrace;
- Items of reception of things in a dry-cleaner;
- In the territory of a complex the maximal conditions for rest with children are created:
There is a children's playground, pool with hills and a game room where in case of need you can leave the child under supervision of the qualified nurse. Engineering systems and the equipment: Heating of an inhabited complex is carried out through central heating. In an inhabited complex the system of water treating is established. It is provided: - maintenance with telecommunication and access to the Internet - Satellite telecasting - Centralized central air - Fire signal system and scheduling - System of television video observation Qualitative materials and modern technical decisions are used at construction. Safety: Inhabited complex will have: - The fenced 24-hour protected territory - System of video observation and the control of access over territory - Systems of fire-prevention and emergency signal systems with a conclusion of an alarm signal to the board of protection The project of the house stipulates the duplicated exits of emergency evacuation.
Photos of stages of construction 17.06.2007 20.01.2008 22.10.2008 10.01.2009 07.08.2009
Builder «Sluzhba nedvizhimosty» Ltd
Customer «DIAL Stroy Invest » Ltd
General contractor Joint-stock company «Putevi » Uzhitse (Serbia and Montenegro)
Company SONED
Consultation by phone +7-918-11111-35
Application for looking Your inquiry will be directed to the manager of the company

Inquiry text:

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Term of delivery: It is put into operation
Distance from the sea: 250.00 m
Price: from 136.968 rub. / sq.m

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