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Name of the house Inhabited complex «Brigantina - 4» (¹215)Inhabited complex «Brigantina - 4»

Inhabited complex «Brigantina - 4»

Inhabited complex «Brigantina - 4»

Inhabited complex «Brigantina - 4»

Location Sochi, Khostinsky district
Address Yana Fabristius Street, 2/4B
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Storey 21
Quantity of sections 1
Quantity of apartments 167
Metric area Îò 76.40 to 135.10 sq.m
Price Îò 58.900 to 109.250 rub. for sq.m
Furnish of apartments «Unfurnished»
Ceilings 3.20 m
Garage/parking In a basement there is a parking for 10 cars
Lift 4 lifts of firm «OTIS»
Safety Protected territory
About the district The infrastructure and a good traffic intersection is well developed in the district
Distance from the sea 800.00 m
Term of delivery It is put into operation
Description The apartment house is located in a resort zone of ecologically clean area of city Sochi.
Special appeal and favorable aura to a life in this microdistrict is given with direct affinity to the cleanest and warm Black sea in Russia, to the well-known improving complex «Matsesta», to hotel of a world famous network «Radisson SAS Lazurnaya» Hotel, to the Youth tourist center «Sputnik», and also to four of the best health resorts: sanatoria " Primorski », «Zarya», «Yunost»,«Zolotoy Kolos».

For few minutes it is possible to reach well-known park «Dendrarium» , to see city from height of funicular roads, to make walk on avenues of park of tropical trees, it is good to spend time in cafe «Zolotoy Kolos», to be passed by the Resort prospectus and, certainly, to be swam on the equipped Black Sea beach.
And you can strengthen the health in treatment-and-prophylactic cabinets of a sanatorium being nearby «Zolotoy Kolos».

In the given microdistrict it is planned and development of a multiplane infrastructure which includes construction of several apartment houses, playgrounds for children and adults, parkings starts to be carried out.
On the ground floor of the constructed houses there are different kinds of shops, exercise rooms, a sauna, a beauty salon, a drugstore, cafe opened for inhabitant.

The planed compositions of inhabited floors have the central hall with a lobby, from the ground floor where the entrances are situated. On each floor there are placed two 2-roomed and six one-roomed apartments. On the 21 floor there are two-level apartments.
On the ground floor of the house there are office rooms.
Communications: Water, gas, water drain, an electricity, phone.

From the windows of all apartments there is a magnificent view on the Black Sea coast.
Photos of stages of construction 20.07.2007 04.12.2007 04.01.2008 10.06.2008 11.11.2008 10.01.2009
Builder Closed Joint-Stock Company «Mega Trust» 2006
General contractor «Alie Parusa» Ltd
Investor «Alie Parusa» Ltd
Company SONED
Consultation by phone +7-918-11111-35
Application for looking Your inquiry will be directed to the manager of the company

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